La canción de explorar


So far away from Bubble, hat’s where I long to be

No pirates, wars or police, only my ship and me.

We glide in every system, scaning what’s in it

enjoying every sky, and discovering all new things

And is all so peacefull here everything has its place

There is no need to be angry there is no need to be scared

The stars seem to hug you every time you stare at them

you’re their favorite human just for being there with them

And nothing really matters, when you’re alone out there.

Just FSD and Fuelscoop and stoping for repairs

Just adjust your course and jump to the next sky

Enjoy your fuel scoop Oh, shit… That’s a freaking newtron star!!

And if all really goes south, just send the Fuelrat signal.

They cover all the galaxy and hide in every turn.

Don’t panic, my dear and just go restart your ship.

A reboot of the system might fix almost everything

And people that do loves me always manages to reach

No matter where I go they are there always with me

I’ll send then postal cards and when I’ll be back in town

I will put at their feet all this Earth like worlds I found

No matter how far I go I know where lay my roots.

In a humble little planet the place of my childhood

Oh my gosh!! that’s a lifeform floating in the Milky Way

Pleased to meet you!! Little fella. I’m commander Maya Fey.


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